GSoC 2020

ResidualVM GSoC 2020 Introduction

Hello guys, my name is Gunnar and I am one of the fortunate students who got accepted into this year’s GSoC to work on the ResidualVM project. Essentially my goal will be to port the missing 3d graphics parts of the Wintermute engine which are missing in the existing Wintermute port in ScummVM.

Why do I want to do this? Well, I really enjoy programming, game programming in particular, although I never worked out an actual game, mainly for the reason that I shunned away from all the asset creation stuff, which I do not enjoy at all. But with this project this will be irrelevant as the assets are already there and only the code has to be written, very much to my own taste. Also I like the idea of making games run on Linux (or non Windows platforms in general) and I also start to really enjoy the idea of open source software.

Some more personal information. I am 26 years old and currently a student at the university of M√ľnster in Germany. My subjects are Mathematics and Computer Science, although I focused on Mathematics in the past few years. My programming activities consisted mainly in student assistant jobs but now I am looking forward to open source development.

I will leave this as is for now. Until the start of coding on first June I will mainly prepare myself for the task and post some updates here.

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