GSoC 2020

Getting coordinate systems right

So last Tuesday I thought that I had the .X file stuff basically finished, up to missing details at least. Unfortunately this was not correct. After getting everything to work in the Wintermute 3D demo, I decided to try out and see, what would happen in Alpha Polaris. Well, this was the first result:

The black something flying over the bed is supposed to be the main protagonist of the game. So this didn’t work out so well. Issues were negative texture coordinates together with clamping and a wrong mesh update function, which did not set all vertex position values to zero before calculating the new positions during an animation.

After fixing this, I realized, that my model was still using the Direct3D coordinate system, which caused it to appear mirrored. So this meant some more work figuring out how to correctly change the coordinate system to an OpenGL one and fixing some more bugs along the way. Lesson learned here: The coordinate system has definitively to be consistent.

Now things are looking much better. Pictures will follow over the weekend, there are still some other issues in Alpha Polaris, which have to be fixed.

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