GSoC 2020

Adding more 2d stuff and fixing 3d movement

We are now at a point where the 2d graphics side of things has reached a certain stableness. There are still parts of the original wme engine which are not implemented yet, but the main functionality is there, at least for Alpha Polaris (and the demos as well). Some screenshots:

This actually comes from an in-game video. Now the speech bubble in the lower left corner is not supposed to be there.
Rune’s not happy about being abruptly awakened. The debug messages in the upper left indicate that there is still enough work to do.
Looks like they found something. Unfortunately, shadows are still missing, so the scene doesn’t look quite right yet.
The laboratory. Rune looks almost floating, this will hopefully change once shadows are rendered.

What cannot be seen on the screenshots is movement of course. There were some more issues with it since the scripting code of Alpha Polaris is expecting a Direct3D coordinate system. So some conversions were needed. But now things seem to work as expected or at least nothing unexpected has happened. But then this is only the very beginning of the game.

One thing that worked straight out of the box was 2d object selection. On the other hand, 3d object selection together with attaching these objects to characters is still missing. Implementing this will be the next goal. After that, we will be able to have some fun with rifles and bears!

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