GSoC 2020

Turning the lights on .. well, almost

So, saving and loading seems to be fully functional now, including compability with ScummVM save files. The last bug was caused by a mistake during code import from the original Wintermute Engine. I had similar bugs on multiple occasions, which is rather annoying, as these mistakes should be unnecessary, but so is life I guess. Next thing on the menu are lights and shadows, to make the visual output more enjoyable, for example:

The faces in particular look much more round and plastic than before. Now what I don’t like so much is that at this spot Rune should appear a little bit darker but I am not sure what is wrong here.

This is my new favourite:

No textures, but normal vectors are being rendered, just so that I could check if they are correct. Now in this picture they are actually not correct, which might be hard to see, but if you want to, you take a closer look at the chest for example. There a vertices with the same position but different normal vectors, which means that these vertices will receive light with different intensity. This will create more distinct edges which will be desireable in certain situations, but not here. The first picture by the way does not have this issue, hence the smooth skin.

The problem was created in the first place because I decided to recalculate the normals during animation updates (I am not 100% sure anymore if this is really needed, although it probably should be). But different vertices (even if they have the same position) mean different normals, as long as you don’t specify, which vertices should get the same normals. Since this information does not seem to be contained in the .X files, instead now I just update the normals directly via the bone transforms.

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