GSoC 2020

Testing out more WME games

With the shader renderer being stable and Alpha Polaris looking fine, I was curious about some other WME games. Specifically, I took a more detailed look at Mental Repair (which is free and interestingly, a result of a Bachelor Thesis) and Act of Murder 1: FBI Confidental.

Both games turned out to be buggy, especially Act of Murder 1, mostly due to missing features or details which had been skipped so far, although it also seems, that at least spot lights are not setup correctly, too.

Initial issues in Mental Repair are fixed though and soon I will attempt a complete playthrough, just to see what happens. Act of Murder 1 will require much more work it seems, it has special viewport settings, meaning that 3d content is only rendered into a part of the window/screen and this causes all kinds of problems. Also lights seem to be incorrect here, but lighting has to be worked on anyways. Here is a screenshot:

This is with adjusted spot light settings, so that the models are really light up. I still have to figure out the actual values out. More issues are the shadow being cropped for some reason (the model itself does not suffer from this) and the pathfinding is not really working either, meaning you can just walk trough the chair for example.

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