GSoC 2020

Fixing .X loader bugs and adding last features

With GSoC coming to an end (less than two weeks now), the time for massive bug fixing has come! Well, it’s not too bad I would say, but certainly this has been the major work of the last few days. It turned out that the .X loader was still buggy and missed certain features. I really wished this file format was a little bit more strict as this would prevent some edge cases and make implementation a lot easier. Anyways, things are much more stable now on this side.

Unfortunately this does not mean that suddenly all WME games will be available in ResidualVM. Some games still behave very buggy when it comes to object positioning, for unknown reasons. On the other hand, Alpha Polaris works, I got Mental Repair to run and there might be a few more, which will work or might require only minor tweaking. Biggest disappointment here for me is that there will be no time for getting Act of Murder 1 to work.

Additionally, some little features were implemented, some missing stuff for 2d rendering and shadow images (pregenerated shadow textures for actors), which are rarely used by games though, it seems. This will probably be it, if I don’t suddenly change my mind about implementing shadow mapping in the shader based renderer. Otherwise, it’s time for some testing and more fixing as well as code clean up.

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